2020 ANC Election Platform

Hi! My name is Corey Holman and I am running for reelection to serve as ANC Commissioner for 6B06. Rather than setup an election website, I decided to simply post my platform here as well as links to questionnaires I’ve responded to. Thanks and I hope I can count on your support this election!

My two toughest constituents

Constituent Service

ANC Commissioners have very few actual powers or duties and that leads to basically 296 different ways of handling this position. However, I continue to believe the #1 duty should be to help you interact with the District Government. Through years of experience, ANC Commissioners have really learned how to ensure you are able to get resolution on your issues. So when things breakdown with an agency or your need advice on how to handle things, that’s where I come in. To that end, please please email me at corey@coreyholman.com, call/text 301-664-4132, or reach out on twitter @coreyholman.


Transportation and public space issues is one area where ANC Commissioners have a fair amount of ability to push projects. In the next two years I will focus on the following things related to allocation our public space in the name of environmental sustainability, personal safety, and equity.

1) Support and Lead ANC 6B’s push for bus and bike lanes on Pennsylvania Avenue SE. I started this effort in 2017 as a member of the ANC 6B Transportation Committee and I hope to see this project completed between 2nd St SE and 13th Street SE in 2022 and from 13th Street SE to Barney Circle in 2023.

2) Ensure progress on the reconstruction of Pennsylvania Avenue, Potomac Avenue, and 14th Street SE. When I started my term in 2019, this project was unfunded and languishing. Through lobbying of the Council (testimony here here here here) and working with DDOT, the project is now fully funded to be complete in 2023. This continues to be my #1 priority transportation wise and I’m cautiously optimistic this project which started in 2005 will be done in 2023.

3) Making temporary flexpost installations permanent at 15th/Kentucky/Potomac/G. DDOT worked with ANC 6B to install a series of flexposts that narrowed lanes, sharpened turns, and closed unneeded roads to slow traffic and increase pedestrian and bike safety. After a year of being in place, it’s clear these flexposts work! In this term I will work to get these flexposts turned into curbs and to expand the triangle park and add as many environmental features as possible.

4) Continue to fight against expanding Southeast Boulevard and I-695 on ramps. DDOT continues to move forward with plans to widen Southeast Boulevard and the on and off ramps for the Southeast Freeway/I-695. This plan is straight out of 1960s planning and will serve to only funnel more traffic into our neighborhoods. Further, projects like this cost money, even if it’s paid 80% by federal highway dollars. When the bus and bike lanes for Pennsylvania Avenue are struggling to find enough money for concrete curbs, flexposts, and paint, we shouldn’t be spending local tax dollars on highway widening. I will oppose this project at every turn, and ensure further safety improvements along 11th Street including protected bike lanes and/or sidewalk widening is done in lieu of highway widening.

Smaller one-off projects:

  1. Sidewalk Restorations on the 1400 Block of K Street SE
  2. Contraflow bike lanes on 700 block of 15th Street SE and 1500 block of J Street SE
  3. Ensuring no right on red signs are placed in accordance with new law where currently allowed (12th/Penn, 13th/Penn, 14th/D/Kentucky)
  4. Speed Humps and Raised Intersections near schools (14th/C and 15th/C near Payne, 12th/E and 12/D near Watkins in particular)

Land Use and Zoning

In my last term, I served as head of ANC 6B’s Planning and Zoning Committee, the committee that see all historic preservation and zoning cases before the full ANC. There are a couple of very important land use issues that will be before ANC 6B in 2021 and 2022.

Continue to lead ANC 6B’s efforts to zone Boathouse Row The currently unzoned land is being eyed by the owner of the private South Capitol Street Heliport to move his operations in 2022. Without even addressing the nuisance issues, this will be devastating for long-term plans for Boathouse Row. ANC 6B has voted to file a rezoning application to make this land solely for park and marina use.

Rezone Maritime Plaza and Parking Lots to High Density Residential. ANC 6B supported the Office of Planning’s proposal to designate this land for high density residential use. However, that designation needs to be enacted at the Zoning Commission. Rather than wait for the owner to make this change, I hope to push ANC 6B to do this preemptively as the land currently allows nuisance and incompatible high intensity industrial uses.

Oppose any expansion of the Capitol Hill Historic District or moving forward with the Barney Circle Historic District. As chair of the Planning and Zoning Committee, I get to see first hand how the historic district process, despite it’s noble intentions, can be weaponized by shrewd actors and a Historic Preservation Review Board that is all to keen to shrink residential and commercial projects. At the beginning of my last term, I pledge to seek what is often referred to as historic district lite for our buildings outside the historic district. Unfortunately, there simply isn’t an appetite for this with either the Council or Office of Planning.

Continue pushing for the destruction of the current Southeast Boulevard and replacing it with an at-grade road and residential development.

Smaller items:

  1. Continued support for zoning changes to allow residents to add units into accessory buildings/garages
  2. Support zoning changes that require increased affordable housing in certain rezonings.
  3. Continue fight against any football use at RFK, though that is not likely to come up in 2021-2022 and would be a fight above the ANC if it did happen
  4. Support RFPs at Reservation 13 that max out development potential and include community services as well as dense residential development