6B06 Newsletter: January 14, 2019

Happy Snow Day! Welcome to my first newsletter as an ANC Commissioner. Let’s get right to it.

January ANC Meeting with MPD–TOMOOROW

First things first, MPD will be at January’s ANC meeting, Tuesday, January 15 at 7:00 at Hill Center. MPD will address the December 22 stop-and-frisk incident of two pre-teen boys near Frager’s. At the meeting I will propose or support other language affirming ANC 6B’s stance that this incident is unacceptable, a part of system problem in ANC 6B, and something that we demand to be changed.

To that end, I want to pass along WUSA9’s special report on stop-and-frisk in DC including a map showing ANC 6B is among a select group of hot spots for stop-and-frisk incidents in DC.

I also want to pass along petition from two residents of ANC 6B addressing this incidents and demanding action from ANC 6B.

Committee Meetings of ANC 6B

Everything feels less important after the first topic, but I detailed my rationale and votes for ANC 6B’s committee votes this month. I will be seeking to detail all of my votes this term and some detailed about those votes.

RPP-Only Feelings?

I want to call out a section from committee votes linked above on new rulemaking above regarding designating one side of blocks for Residential Parking Permit only. How do you feel about this? Please let me know. After this rulemaking is finalized, I will more formally seek out opinions of constituents. And before any request is formally made, I will seek to have a community meeting to discuss this topic.

Bike Rack Locations ?

Also from the above committee discussion, I am seeking to formally list all eligible locations in ANC 6B06 for bike racks between the sidewalk and curb (the “furniture zone”). The locations in our SMD I’m seeking out are in commercial areas or in front of our limited number of apartments. If there’s a specific site where you think a bike rack should go, in our SMD or anywhere in 6B, please let me know. This effort stems from DDOT’s requirement for dockless bikes to have a locking mechanism and the concern that there simply aren’t enough racks. If lack of racks become a problem this spring, I will again push ANC 6B to requests in-street corrals that replace car parking up-and-down Barracks Row, Market Row, and Pennsylvania Ave.

My Goals as your ANC Commissioner

I was officially sworn in on January 2nd and detailed my goals as your ANC Commissioner this year. The one I really want to stress is my willingness to help you navigate the bureaucracy and/or amplify your voice. It’s the most important job we have.

311 Requests Followup: January-Tree Removal and Planting

Each month, I am going to go through the backlog of 311 requests in 6B06 and ensure those requests are being handled appropriately. As we approach the end of tree removal and planting season, I am going through all tree-related requests in 6B06 to get DDOT’s Urban Forestry Administration a time-sensitive list of removals and planting for 6B06. In the last five years, there have been 550 tree-related requests. I will post a detailed, boring, spreadsheet-laden post when I am done checking all those lingering requests.

Website Updates

I’m working on creating static detailed pages for the major projects affecting our SMD. Unfortunately, these are still in process. Soon, expect pages on:

*Penn/Potomac Redesign

*Southeast Freeway Removal/Southeast Boulevard and Bus Garage Project

*Hill East Conservation District (“Historic District-Lite”) Pilot Project

*Pennsylvania Avenue Bike Lanes

Please reach out if you have any issues, need to bend someone’s ear, kvetch about the neighborhood, or to just pass the time.