1333 M Street SE PUD Developer Meeting

On Thursday, May 28, at 7:00 PM Felice Development Group will host a public virtual meeting to present their 900-unit Planned Unit Development (Planned Unit Developments, Explained) project to the community. The meeting will be via Zoom and all interested neighbors are encouraged to attend.


The location for the Planned Unit Development at 1333 M Street SE

The development at 1333 M (see all related documents here) with have a minimal direct impact on the existing residents of the 1300 and 1400 blocks of L Street SE and 1100, 1200, and 1500 blocks of K Street SE. However, because the project is a Planned Unit Development, the developer must mitigate impacts of the project as well as provide items that “benefit the surrounding neighborhood or the public in general to a significantly greater extent than would likely result from development of the site under the matter-of-right provisions.” The surrounding community plays a vital role in helping shape these benefits as well as identifying impacts that are in need of mitigation. For a look at previously approved benefits and amenities, the DC Policy Center put together a great list in 2019.

The view of the architecture view from Water St SE facing northeast. The plan envisions retail along the lawn space which will be open to the public.

This may all sound familiar to you. A previous owner of this land went through this same PUD process in 2014 and was approved for a slightly shorter and less dense project than what is being proposed now. However, those approvals expired last year and the new owner of the land is moving forward with a new application.

A “massing” diagram from the developer showing the buildings without design. In the foreground you can see M Street SE and in the background is the 11th Street Bridge Complex.

This meeting will be the kickoff of ANC 6B’s public participation in the PUD. In early June, ANC 6B will formally stand up a subcommittee to analyze this project and make recommendations to the project owner as well as the Zoning Commission. The subcommittee will meet multiple times in June, July, and August with representatives of the District Government and development team. Neighbors interested in participating in the subcommittee should contact me (1333M@coreyholman.com) or your ANC Commissioner. The subcommittee will likely be limited to representatives of impacted organizations and residents of 6B04, 6B07, and 6B09 (check your ANC Single Member District here) but all meetings will be open to the public and all public members are encouraged to participate.

The subcommittee report will form the base for the recommendations by the ANC by to the Zoning Commissioner. These recommendations by law must be given “great weight” by the Zoning Commission.

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