Reversing the 500 and 700 Block of 15th St SE Bike Lanes

Tonight, Wednesday June 5th, I will present concept ideas and a request to convert the existing southbound bike lane on the 550-700 blocks of 15th St SE to a contraflow northbound lane. There are two reasons for this. One, 15th St NE/SE is entirely northbound except for this one block. And, two, to better connect to the forthcoming changes to the complex intersection of 15th, Kentucky, Potomac, and G.

Here’s a quick mockup of the design:

What will these look like in actuality? Well we all know the G/I street contraflow lanes around the H Street Streetcar. But this rode is actually two feet wider than G/I. Instead, if we look at the 900 block of M St NW we can see the installation that will be here.

Another good example, where we can see the inevitable double parking from enforcement failures, is the 1400 block of N ST NW

This is a solution that increases bike connectivity and doesn’t impact parking. It’s a win-win all around.

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